Iranian enlightenment history

Cambridge University press will publish an analytical book this year titled "Both Eastern and Western" about Iranian enlightenment history, that addresses the intellectual roots in Iran and its nature.

Isfahan (IMNA) - Cambridge University Press wrote in the explanation part of this book that "in the view of many western experts and theorists of the country, Iran has been caught between the traditional culture of east and modern western culture, and between religion and secularism."

Then Cambridge University wrote about this book, "For this reason, the analysis of political philosophy before the Islamic Revolution has been affected by this kind of perspective." In the analytical book of "Both Eastern and Western" that published in August this year, Afshin Matin Asgari invite the readers to reconsider the Iranian enlightenment history and challenge the prevailing stereotypes about Iranian and presumed history of the Middle East, then subsequently offers a new dimension in this regard.

In his book, he tried to consider the modern Iranian enlightenment as a structured form, and in the next step, he focused on influential patterns and ideas as well as their relationships with each other. Matin Asgari examined the structure of Iranian enlightenment process in a global historical context and concluded that Iranian modernity has been fed from the intensive engagement with the global ideologies during the last century. In the end, the author concludes that modern Iran can have both eastern and western intellectual ideology.

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