Daf؛ most popular musical instrument among Iranian women

Daf is one of the most popular Iranian instruments which has become very popular among Iranian ،especially women.

Isfahan (IMNA) - It is consists of a circular wooden frame with metal ringlets around it. A thin animal skin which is usually cow, goat, and horse skin is glued on the frame to keep the frame tightly. Daf players usually hold it with their left hand then tap on the skin with their right hand in a regular fashion to create music.

This instrument is mostly used among Asian more than other parts of the world, and each country play it according to its musical culture. Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman and other countries such as Turkey, Iraq and Azerbaijan, are some places where Daf playing is common.

Playing Daf (Dafnavazi) among Kurdish people especially who live in Kurdistan and Kermanshah provinces has a very special place. The popularity of Daf among Kurdish is due to the existence of mystical rituals in this area; many people there have basic familiarity with this musical instrument.

Famous Daf players in Iran are Bijan Kamkar and Massoud Habibi; Bijan Kamkar has played a significant role in introducing the instrument to the world. Let's watch how Daf is played.

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