Cold Fire demonstrated in Aknoon gallery

A group photo exhibition titled “Cold Fire” with the theme of Iran-Iraq war is being held in “Aknoon” gallery. It includes the frames of solitude and loneliness and the areas outside the front and battlefield which have not be seen before.

Isfahan (IMNA) - Stating that 4 photos of these 25 photos are in color, Ahmadreza Nouri, the curator of the exhibition said: “The theme of most of these photos is solitude and loneliness and the areas outside the front and battlefield; what is displayed in this exhibition is actually the consequences of war.

The photos depict the sad atmosphere of cities, the impact of the war on the children, refugees, the fighters’ loneliness and solitude, the fired cinemas in the war, ruins and destroyed buildings, rescue teams and the portraits of expeditionary forces to the battlefield. The photos are not directly related to the battlefield and war operations, but they show people’s solitude and the atmosphere outside the battlefield.”

Pointing to the chosen title “cold fire”, Nouri continued: “Cold fire has two meanings; one of them means the fire that swept across the borders of Iran which has never been extinguished; I mean the legacy of the war, negative effects and the damaged souls of different walks of life. On the other hand, many people believe that the cold fire is the same fire that came to Prophet Ibrahim, which means that while the fire can be lethal, it can be blessing for some people. In fact, the fighters are such believers that the fire of enemies’ anger becomes cold for them."

Photo enthusiasts can visit the “Cold Fire” group photo exhibition in “Aknoon” gallery, located in No. 9, Harir dead road, 14 Afshin alley, Khaghani Street, until 21st June, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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