12 June 2018 - 14:57
Stop extra water offtake!

“Monitoring the input and output rate of water in the dam has been the only solution to solve the drought crisis. It is necessary to mention that there have been unauthorized and incorrect exploitation and offtake. We all know that who is responsible in this regard! We need a powerful authority to prevent the extra water offtake,” director manager of the Environmental Protection Organization of Isfahan province said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "The protected areas of the province will be open for public to promote the tourism industry,” Daniali said. Pointing to the weekly meetings which are held regarding the reduction of air pollution in the province, he said: “These meetings are held regularly each week, but the fact is that our activities are neglected and received less attention. When the cold season arrives, everyone says what activities have been done regarding the environment.”

Stating that efficient actions have been taken place in the field of air pollution in Isfahan province during recent years, Daniali added, “Overall, we have handled this issue very poorly and we need to accelerate the processes, otherwise we will face more critical challenges."

Emphasizing that the water right of Gavkhooni lagoon is the second priority of water allocation in Isfahan province and Zayanderood watershed, director manager of the Environmental Protection Organization said, “some people don’t know the reality, some people don’t want to accept it, and others know what is the truth but pretend to be ignorant. These conditions altogether have caused the current situation of Gavkhooni lagoon."

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