Suggestion for tourism boom in Isfahan

A master of science in tourism stated that one of the ways to boost tourism is paying attention to the matter of thematic tourism.

Isfahan (IMNA) - Amir Masood Lavafan said: "one of the proposed plans to the Director General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism of Isfahan province which will be revealed the next few days, is holding the Summer Festival of Isfahan."

"If the cooperation of the provincial governor, the municipality, and the cultural heritage and tourism results in alignment of tourism oriented goals. Then, it will be easy to make a great summer festival in Isfahan," He continued.

He referred the summer festival of Isfahan as a solution to save the city's tourism in the summer, adding that the continuation of this festival will be the most important factor in its success, as well as boosting the hotel industry and increasing the employment opportunities in Isfahan

The senior tourism expert said it is necessary to seek for solutions regarding the seasonal tourism of Isfahan. We need not to forget that not so long ago, Isfahan was one of the main goals of domestic tourism, but recently it has fallen to the second place and, of course, the reasons behind this fact must be examined through scientific models.

Mentioning that the reduction in requests for constructing hotels during the last two years as well as the seasonality of the tourism industry in Isfahan, results in hoteliers' increased dissatisfaction, Lavafan said the tourism industry depends on other industries. If Isfahan is not ready to host tourists, hotel accommodation and constructing hotel in Isfahan will not thrive because there is no economic justification for that.

This senior tourism expert said building hotels is one of the major infrastructures of tourism development and prosperity. In addition, he stated: "Of course, if the dryness of the river Zayandeh Rood continues, there will undoubtedly be a drop in the number of tourists, and the demand for building hotels will be decreased."

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