The role of security in development of tourism industry

Unpleasant changes have happened in the late twentieth century in today’s world, especially regarding issues such as security and safety, our viewpoints toward the security has also changed in terms of both physical and emotional aspects. Moreover, our sense of security has been decreased by increasing the natural and man-made crises over the past decades.

Isfahan (IMNA) _Tourism is the result and the inseparable part of the industrial community, and it is one of the main forces shaping the today’s world. Tourism industry has marvelous economic benefits for the societies, and it plays an important role in interactions between local and global levels. huge global changes have been happened over the past decades. We have seen a significant decline in security issues due to the terrorist events, local wars, natural disasters and contagious diseases.

There has been a shift in the orientation of tourism thinkers' attitudes since the terrorist attack event in the Unites States in September 2001, and more emphasis is placed on the analysis of the relationship between tourism and tourism security. The existence of such issues in the field of tourism security debate shows the tourism’s vulnerability both globally and locally.

What is important is that the tourism industry should not be lagged due to the negative impacts and consequences of these events; therefore, this fact requires research and study on the relationship between the security issues and the tourism industry; especially, the creation of a new and up-to-date definition of security in the tourism debate.

Regarding the various security aspects, it is suggested that proper advertisement of Iran should be made in order to provide a good image of the country as a high-secure travel destination. On the other hand, it is possible to increase the tourists’ awareness about the high security available in Iran by providing the facilities of an easy and safe travel to Iran.

Written by: Faryad Parhiz- Head of Urban Studies and Planning department of Isfahan Municipality

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