We can revive the Zayanderood river

Elected member of parliament from Isfahan province, emphasized that the optimization of the consumption pattern of drinking, industrial and agricultural water, and reviving the legal rights related to Zayanderood river are the two ways to overcome the water crisis in Isfahan. He said:" we can return amounts of water equals with "a tunnel" to the Zayanderood River by implementing these two ways."

Isfahan (IMNA) - Regarding the revival of urban old textures and facilities allocated in this field, Hamid Reza Fouladgar said: "This plan is suspended due to the contractionary policies  of the eleventh government and the lack of funds of Maskan Bank in this regard. However, the Islamic Consultative Assembly enacted the allocation of loans with a profit of 6%, and the government also considered the taxes for the reconstruction of worn-out structures. As a result, the opportunity and the good conditions are available in order to use these facilities for revival of the worn-out structures of Isfahan metropolise.

Regarding the issue of air pollution, Fouladgar said: "The urban transportation, urban trains, the development of public transportation, and the development of green space plan in Isfahan is accomplishes, which is useful to overcome the air pollution problem."

While pointing to the budget of 55,000 billion Rials allocated for the urban development plans, he continued: " 50percent of this budged should be spent on commissioning and developing the project of urban train, and providing solutions regarding the air pollution. 50 percent of this budget is owned by the municipality and the remaining 50% is at the government’s expense."

In response to the CEO of the Isfahan environmental organization that asked: "is that true that Isfahan should not take part in developing its green space due to the water crisis?" Fouladgar stated: "Neglecting the green space of Isfahan metropolis that is exposed to air pollution, and the lack of action in this regard destroys the environment and the people as well."

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