5 million people in Isfahan will have no drinking water by mid-July

Hossein Qaraati, the CEO of the rural water and wastewater department of Isfahan province (ABFAR), Mohammad Hossein Qaraati, said: “Due to the current situation, five million people in Isfahan will have no drinking water by mid-July.”

Isfahan (IMNA) - At the farewell-introducing ceremony of the CEO of Isfahan ABFAR , Mohammad Hossein Qaraati pointed to the critical situation of water in the country and said: "The forecasts indicate that 5 million people in Isfahan will have no drinking water by mid-July. Cutting off the water in some areas during recent days is the obvious sign of this problem."

Referring to mobile water supply to some villages, the chairman of Isfahan ABFAR said: "In 1396, we supplied water for 370 villages and provide them with daily water supply of 1,600 to 1,700 cubic meters. Qaraati referred to reducing the amount of industrial, agricultural, and drinking water and said that water reservoir behind the dam is one billion cubic meters.

He emphasized that everyone should know that the current water crisis in Isfahan is serious and said: “Water consumption should be reduced from 300 or 400 liters to 150 liters to be able to overcome this problem." He acknowledged that people's cooperation in reducing water consumption is one of the main duty of the society members and emphasized: "We cannot do anything without the help of people; they must support us. We all know that wherever people contribute to solve any problem, the result will be completely satisfying one.

The CEO of ABFAR criticized some people and added: "Unfortunately, the irrigation methods in Isfahan involve heavy water consumption, and the existence of large gardens in the houses exacerbating this problem." During this ceremony, Azizallah Payhanahi’s activities were appreciated and Majid Saberi was appointed as the CEO of Semirom ABFAR.

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