Isfahan will be the city of bicycles by the year 2021

Deputy of Isfahan Municipality for transportation and traffic said: “According to the Isfahan 1400 project, Isfahan will again turn to be "the city of bicycles" and 10 percent of transportation share will be allocated to bicycles.

Isfahan (IMNA) _ at the inauguration ceremony of Specialized Clean Transportation Exhibition, Alireza Salavati said: “We are all familiar with the problems of air pollutions in Isfahan, so we've assembled here to provide effective solutions to eliminate air pollution." He added that according to "the Isfahan 1400 project", the city will turn to be the city of bicycles by the year 1400 SH and we will allocate 10% of transportation to bicycles.

Deputy of Isfahan municipality for transportation and traffic, referred to the development plan of clean transportation and cycling infrastructure and said: “Last year, by executing the "Let’s Ride Bicycles" project, a great number of bicycles (approximately equal to 15 billion Tomans) were sold within two months which indicates the people’s enthusiasm for this project.  Salavati continued: This year, the start of "Let’s Ride Electric Motors" project coincided with the first specialized exhibition of clean transportation and has welcomed by people.

By referring to the cars, buses, and hybrid taxis offers at this exhibition, he expressed his hope and said that the facilities of purchasing electric motors are provided by Resalat Bank in long-term and without commission installments; Resalat Bank will support the people and the city of Isfahan.

Deputy of Isfahan municipality for transportation and traffic appreciated the concern of "Isfahan Province International Exhibition Co. " for holding Clean Transportation Specialized Exhibition and emphasized that this exhibition was held in the most sensitive time and with the help of all officials of the municipality and regional managers; it’s the first exhibition that all of the boots in four exhibition halls are active. He hoped to be able to facilitate the possibility of using cleaners in the city with the public support for the exhibition.

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