Isfahan 1400 Pragmatic Plan

Manager of Budget and Planning Department at Isfahan Municipality said clarity and transparency are the main advantage of Isfahan 1400 Program.

Urban planning and upgrading living standards of a city are necessary for its citizens to live in a sustainable situation. Cities are beyond buildings and financial asset. Proper planning can employ those assets to provide balanced opportunities for citizens.

 Isfahan 1400 is a project designed for the city of Isfahan for years 2016 to 2020. Year 1400 in Iranian solar calendar corresponds to the year 2020 in Georgian calendar.

According to IMNA, Isfahan 1400 is mainly focused to realize the Iranian-Islamic city's plan.

Isfahanis' Virtual Participation

ManagerManager of Budget and Planning Department at Isfahan Municipality told IMNA Isfahan's public has participated in formation of the project excessively.

He said: "hopefully the public attentively monitors the progress of the project too with clarity and transparency being the main advantage of Isfahan 1400 Program.

Fardani added: 14 projects out of 49 projects have been initiated and the rest are scheduled for the assigned deadline.

Isfahan's Islamic- Iranian identity

Fardani said: "preserving environment, lowering pollution, promoting public transportation and attracting more tourists are among the main focuses of the Isfahan 1400 Program.

Fardani said: a public garden in Isfahan, for example, must be focused on trees rather than grass for their more effective ecological impact to decrease pollution.

He noted that Isfahan Municipality prefers to adopt approaches that cover multiple purposes.

Decrease in Municipality Revenue

According to Fardani the municipality's time table was precisely scheduled; however, budget can affect the schedule.

Energy management and optimization of resources are among Isfahan Municipality projects.

Isfahan employs the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) as a set of standard guidelines for project management. Fardani said, Isfahan uses European standard of ESQM to design and manage the projects.

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