Iran strengthens ties with EU

President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday night that Iran has better ties with the European Union, Russia and neighboring countries than in the past.

“The principled policy of the government is to solve regional problems through dialogue not confrontation and to make the region safer,” said President Rouhani. 

He attended a televised interview about performance of his administration during the first 100-day since the 12th government took helm of the affairs. 

“We have better relations with all regional states except one or two,” he said, citing Iran’s ties with Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Qatar.

We have started a very good relationship with the European Union. Relations with Russia and most of the neighbors are better than the past,' President Rouhani continued, saying: 'We have better relations with the countries of the region except for a couple of countries. Today, we have better relations with Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Qatar. We may have problems with a couple of countries such as Saudi Arabia, which they have fanned'.

'Saudi Arabia is looking for tension with Iran to cover up defeats in the region and internal problems'.

'Different countries have their own conditions and we must consider our own national interests in any condition,' he continued saying.

“The new US administration's attempts to cancel JCPOA has so far failed, which shows its firmness'.

'Only one or two countries supported the new US administration, but Europe, China, Russia and the rest of the world took a different stance,' President Hassan Rouhani added.

He also went on to say: 'Enemies of the JCPOA in the region were Israel and Saudi Arabia who failed; but we have anticipated moves for all the possible conditions'.

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