Urban Development to stand at the right place

Mayor of Isfahan said Urban Development majors and the students are expected to find their real place in order for the municipality to deploy their work.

As IMNA reports from Communication Bureau of Isfahan Municipality, Ghodratollah Norouzi in a group of architecture students at Isfahan University of Art: this day was marked as Urban Development Day by an Argentinian professor, so the day was since then celebrated annually throughout the world since that day.  

Expressing his congratulations on the day, Norouzi noted: this day is the time you improve urbanization levels through local, national, international meetings.

Smart cities, way of building urban balance

The mayor emphasized that urbanization issues seem complicated today due to their integration with social, cultural, and environmental matters.

“We seek to create smart cities today in order to establish new urban balance so that citizens can live a better life with the provision of welfare services”, he added.

Influential urban developers needed for safety improvement at urban old texture   

The mayor of Isfahan reminded: with 4000 hectares of old texture, Isfahan counts for 10% of the old texture of the whole country. Thus, you, as urban developers, are expected to support people’s safety.

Urban development, top agenda of Isfahan urban management   

Referring that students of urban development must find their real place in order for the municipality to deploy their work, the official announced: we want to take plan-oriented steps and make use of urban development experts in urban management realms.

He closed his remarks by calling on all the pertinent students to grant best services to the citizens and render their proposals in lines with urban development. Isfahan can be introduced as a global city since it has nothing less than other tourism and creative cities around the world.

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