Job Efficiency & Civil Rights, Municipality's Priority

Chairman of Isfahan City Council, Fathollah Moein, called on the newly appointed municipality managers to respect civil rights and consider efficiency as a top priority.

Speaking at the induction ceremony of the newly appointed Isfahan municipal managers, Moein said: the world is involved in an ever-changing move and the same is true with regard to human society but the significant point to be considered is that each manager should be satisfied with their performance when their tenure comes to an end.    

Referring to the outgoing managers of municipality, he said: we would like to express our gratitude to those who are transferring their municipal responsibilities to new figures.  

 “Each person who leaves the office in the municipality is expected to leave behind an appropriate legacy so that the others could take advantage of it”, he noted.  

He asked the managers to respect not only the civil rights of those with municipal jobs but the rights of their employees as well. He confirmed: the mentioned rights are not restricted to their wages only.

According to him, providing services to a city of 2 million habitants requires a very appropriate scientific and practical plan and needs considering efficiency, without which the municipality will fall behind its responsibilities.  

Elsewhere in his remarks he said: traditional methods are not workable and that is why the municipality should leave behind manual calculations and replace them with using mechanization.

Pointing to public transportation shortcomings, he said: we have already requested the sector to have punctual departures but the problem still exists, waiting for early scientific action.

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