Municipal Experts, Most Qualified for New Job Appointments

According to mayor of Isfahan, expert, loyalty, and experience have been among the most crucial criteria for new municipal appointments, and decisions have been made to choose qualified people from inside of the municipality system.

Expressing his heartfelt condolences, the mayor Ghodratollah Norouzi announced the dispatch of a city council members to the earthquake-stricken areas, and wished patience for all his compatriots.

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He pointed to the new urban job appointments and frequent induction ceremonies, and explained that such changes are aimed at granting better services to citizens, as our political slogan was focused on reformation and revising solutions.

Women capable of shouldering serious responsibilities

Referring to women as main factors in managements domains, Norouzi confirmed: women, according to experience, have proved their capabilities in various fields.

“I, therefore, singled out Ms. Mortezaei Nejad as Head of Green Space Organization to bring empirical evidence for women’s skills”, mayor claimed. He continued: the newly selected woman is educated in the relative field with 10 years of experience in the same area.   

Appropriate service in transportation, part of citizen’s rights

Mayor of Isfahan said the previous head of Isfahan Bus Organization is qualified enough to still remain on the post due to his 20-year experience.

District 11 of the city needs special plans

Setting the new manager for district 11 of the municipality, Norouzi considered people of this district as participating and demanding. He continued: this strict, as a newly joined district to the city, requires more experts and experience.  

Ignoring the young population results in serious challenges in the country

Speaking of the necessity of young and women population, Ghodratollah Norouzi highlighted their potentials and warned the country’s big challenge in case of not appointing them at important urban positions.

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