Permanent Zayandeh-Rood tied to national determination

Mayor of Isfahan on a live talk show on IRIB channel 1 stressed that the permanent flow of Zayandeh-Rood depends on a national determination, adding: the municipality of Isfahan, in cooperation with provincial and national officials, is making considerable efforts to let permanent water into the river.

According to Communication Bureau of Isfahan Municipality, IMNA reports from Ghodratollah Norouzi: Isfahan is a leading city of Iran which has devoted many lives for the Islamic Republic. 23 thousand martyrs from Isfahan in the war era is a clear proof of the claim.  

Zayandeh-Rood River, a national identity for Isfahan

Zayandeh-Rood River is a national identity for Isfahan, the mayor said and continued: farmers really feel the lack of water today, on the other hand the historical bridges of Isfahan are thirsty for a sip of water.

Further in his speech, Norouzi reminded: some streets in Isfahan are not well equipped for bike riding. He warned: unless the desired infrastructures are not provided for all citizens, biking cannot be considered as means of public transportation.  

He also announced: women's cycling is also on the agenda of the municipality, but the issue is going to be put on discussion in terms of religious issues.

1st metro line be fully available by Iranian New Year, late Mar. 2018

Norouzi explained: With a length of 20 kms, the first line of Isfahan metro has been completed by 16 kms. The remaining parts are to be fully finished by the forthcoming Iranian New Year (in 5 months), he promised.

The Genius be employed for urban management  

The mayor of Isfahan, mentioning Isfahan as the city of universities, said the city has 5 main universities and 27 non-profit ones. “So I believe that the genius must be counted in urban management in order to survive the urban breakdown.  

Considering women as important elements of the urban management, Norouzi declared: I have appointed a woman as the managing director of Isfahan municipal organization of Parks & Green Spaces who will be inducted next Saturday, and two other women at different posts of municipality.

Isfahan revival reached

Isfahan monuments need revivals, he said and added that the city enjoys 20% ancient texture which could pave the ground for urban tourism growth.

This worn-out texture is of high interest to foreign tourists, having potential capacity to be transformed to tourist attractions, he noted while closing his remarks.  

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