What about 23rd Press Exhibition?

The 23rd Press Exhibition will be held at Imam Khomeini Mosalla, central Tehran. The weeklong event starts from October 27th, hosting over 600 media from Iran and abroad.

As IMNA Cultural desk reports, the press exhibition is considered among the significant cultural events across the country. It may seem notable for the media members only, but the high number of visitors indicate people’s interest into meeting those who write news for their compatriots.  

Now, on the verge of the 23rd Press Exhibition, IMNA News Agency is providing you with the booths’ locations and various programs scheduled for the event.

More than 115 media (including news agencies and news sites) and 70 local, regional, provincial media will attend the Press Exhibition this year.

IMNA News Agency will also be present in the exhibition with a new, different perspective, focusing on urban management and expanding reciprocal interactions with other domestic media.

Pioneers Booth

Meeting pioneers of every field has always been of high interest for their fans. Accordingly, masters of journalism are widely welcomed by students of this major or practical journalists.

The Pioneers Booth is therefore considered for the enthusiasts to visit some professional journalists in the flesh every day and deploy their experiences.

Following is the other programs to occur by different organs in the exhibition:

 - ‘Health Center’ booth by Red Crescent members

- Over 55 provincial, regional, local media at an about 1000 square meters area

- holding 12 meetings and 6 specialized workshops by Departments of Studies and Planning of the media

- Attendance of 100 monthlies, 54 weeklies, 30 biweekly magazines, 20 bimonthly magazines, and 52 quarterlies

- Special booth of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Power, and Ministry of Communications

- Attendance of university journals by the effort of Islamic Azad University

- Registration of the media authorities for participation in over 200 press conferences, unveilings, specialized workshops etc.

- Holding ‘Myanmar’ photo exhibition depicting pictures by international photographers

- Presence of Media for Children and Teenagers and Family Media at the entrance of the exhibition

- Appreciation of 60 active booths of the exhibition

- Holding ‘Silk Road’ photo exhibit of selected photos from IRNA News Agency from Iran & Xinhua News Agency from China

- Attendance of war journalists in ‘Mabar’ booth

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