vast area of sand in photos

IMNA English Desk- Located in 100 kilometers to the east of Isfahan, Varzaneh and Khara deserts provide visitors with best views of glorious sunset in the autumn.

Click to watch the full photo series by Mohsen Heiatian& Majid Eslamdoust 

No picture can fairly describe how dreamlike the deserts are.

But spending an overnight trip in deserts will truly lead you to this clear understanding.

IMNA photographers, Mohsen Heiatian and Majid Eslamdoust, have made photo presentations of a full day in suburban Khara and Varzaneh deserts respectively.

You can watch the full photo series by clicking on their names here: Mohsen Heiatian, Majid Eslamdoust  

Situated next to one another, both deserts are surrounded by Gavkhooni Lagoon from the east, and by Isfahan's suburban town of Varzaneh and Zayandeh-Roud River from the north. The whole area is covered with sand dunes extending from the north to south.  

Watch the full photo series by Mohsen Heiatian& Majid Eslamdoust 

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