Different sections to be inaugurated simultaneously

Mayor of Isfahan named the International Conference Center of Imam Khamenei as a comprehensive package of services, and added: dividing the project into several sections may damage the main project.”

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Ghodratollah Norouzi was quoted by the Communication Bureau of Isfahan Municipality: “preliminary studies of the project had conducted since 2010, and finally in 2011 the first stage of construction began”, “It is worth to note that some cities including Kish, Shiraz, and Isfahan were nominated for the conference center construction, out of which Isfahan was singled out”,   IMNA reported on the sidelines of the mayor’s visit.

He added: the project was expected to be inaugurated in 2012, but raising some problems ceased the process.

“The center is composed of three separated sections of main conference hall, commercial complex, and hotel”, the mayor detailed.

The mayor, Ghodratollah Norouzi, then explained that the total cost estimate for the project is about $115 million. He continued: the government had already pledged to incur about $25.5 million of the total expense, while only $5.12 million was later allocated to the project. 

Pointing out that 66% of the project is completed until the present day and the remaining parts are under construction, he stated: the project was normally undergoing the construction stages when some problems prevented the process. 70 different companies and contractors are currently cooperating with the project manager.

Again reminding that the conference center is a comprehensive package of services, Norouzi stressed that dividing the project into several sections may damage the main project, but on the other hand the existing financial problems of the projects lead us through categorizing the sections.

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He informed the addresses of Isfahan global horizons, saying: Isfahan has natural potential for tourism growth but there is a great need to improve infrastructures, one of which is the International Conference Center project.  

Some international features are counted among the advantages of the center, the mayor expressed and declared: this hall is more advanced and updated than many other halls across the country; the site, therefore, should be the venue for holding various national and international conferences.

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