Iranian president slams Trump's anti-Iran stances

President Hassan Rounani, in a televised speech late on Friday, lashed out at US President Donald Trump’s statements against Iran, saying that his remarks were nothing but blasphemy and a handful of baseless and empty allegations against the Iranian nation.

“I urge Trump to carefully study history, geography, international commitments and norms, ethics and decency,” Rouhani said, noting that apparently Trump does not know that the US government brought to power the coup d'état administration in Iran some six decades ago when it toppled the democratic government in the country by using its influence as well as its agents.

It seems Trump has forgotten that the US supported a dictator in Iran while the Iranian people were fighting in unison against dictatorship, Rouhani said with a reference to the Iranian nation’s pre-Revolution struggles against the deposed Shah.

The chief executive also said how come a president has not yet learnt the universal and historical name of the Persian Gulf where the US warships are frequently commuting in its strategic waterway.

'He'd better ask the helmsmen of the fleets sailing back and forth in the Persian Gulf what the name of the waterway is on the map they hold in hand,' President Rouhani said.

Touching on the 2015 nuclear deal, Rouhani said that it is an international document that a president (Trump) cannot revoke unilaterally. 

Elsewhere in his remarks, he said that while the US is backing terrorism in the region and world, Iran has been fighting the evil phenomenon.

“We have stood against terrorism in the region and will do the same in future,” he said. 

Lambasting the US president for grouping Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization, Rouhani said that IRGC is a powerful force which has been standing with the Iranian nation, and Iranian people are also standing with them. 

You are worried about the Iranian missiles but they are for defensive purposes and Iran is set to continue its defense capabilities, Rouhani said addressing the US hawkish president. 

“We hold JCPOA in esteem and keep up cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) until the time they secure our national interests,” the Iranian top executive said, noting, “If one day they fail to meet Iran’s national interests and the parties to the deal refuse to do their parts under the JCPOA, we will also do the same.” 

President Rouhani also reiterated that he US will not be able to create a gap between the peope, Supreme Leader and the establishment.

Source: IRNA

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