Provincial urban management is at outstanding level

On the occasion of National Day of Village and Nomads, Isfahan Council Chairman, Fathollah Moein, said: villages should have been improved before the cities were developed; so this large number of problems would have not raised in cities.

IMNA reporter is quoting Fathollah Moein at the plenary meeting of Isfahan City Council: I do appreciate all my colleagues’ collaboration with the municipality until the new mayoral decree was officially issued. “Isfahan has enjoyed an outstanding approach of urban management which is resulted by all the councilors”, he continued.

Moein then referred to the changes to be made by the new mayor and added: great need to experts’ cooperation is, since now, highly felt; and councilors will hopefully continue supporting the affairs.

“I hope Dr. Nowrouzi will proceed with the urban issues in cooperation with the City Council for the public’s welfare”, he expressed.  

He further explained that a city such as Isfahan cannot be manipulated by human forces only, but rather by new technologies. He then detailed: the amount of budget is allocated for this purpose.

Congratulating the National Police Day, the authority mentioned high importance of the two-sided relation between urban management and police force to improve the traffic problem.

The council chairman pointed to the International Children's Day, confirming: children are families’ dearest possessions, so no effort is spared to make Isfahan as a child-friendly city.  

“We are attempting to have urban management help families for children’s improvement”, Moein assured people.

Villages should have been improved before the cities were developed; so this large number of problems would not have raised in cities, he said while reminding the National Day of Village and Nomads.

Finally announcing the completion of urban management circle, Moein expressed hope that urban proceedings are well developing at the present time.   

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