Solidarity among councilors leads to urban development

Chairman of Isfahan Islamic City Council: we hope that the unity among Isfahan Councilors will lead to development and improvement in the city.

According to IMNA reporter, Fathollah Moein, the Council Chairman, at the introduction meeting of Isfahan mayor said: "we observed the true unity, solidarity, and dignity of all the council members over the 4th and 5th rounds of the City Council", "I need to express my thanks to the Governor of Isfahan for all his favor and support."    

He added: we hope that such unity will bring about improvements in the city of Isfahan to have a higher quality life. He then quoted Isfahan Governor: Isfahan is a global city which is in need of international services to help it remain at its appropriate level, keeping its fame.    

"We witnessed positive results at the 5th round of the Councils elections which was rarely experienced in previous editions. The result was the decisive votes dropped in ballots boxes, shouldering heavy responsibilities on all the elected members", he declared and continued: The new councilors, therefore, will make considerable efforts for the city promotion.     

Afterwards he detailed that the City Council started its official work 4 months after the election results announcement. "All the cities across the country were in serious tension and chaos because the former municipal authorities were not allowed to continue working at their previous positions, so they could not reach an agreement", he pointed out.   

Following the mentioned situation, Moein explained that the 5th council decided to invite Mr. Jamalinejad, the former mayor, to prevent the city from staying in the tension or decreasing the developmental plans. 

Fathollah Moein, the Council's Chairman, continued: "It is essential to give a comprehensive report of Isfahan municipality before Dr. Nowrouzi starts his mayoralty", "all municipal agents are required to give hands in order to improve the current situation for the better". "I am grateful to all the municipality managers and the 4th council (the former council) in which I had a membership", he expressed.

Moein informed people that he is giving such a report to provide a general perspective over the existing status, and clarified: the municipality of Isfahan has a cash debt of about $30 million for current costs, about $35 million for civil engineering costs, about $21 million for property indemnity, about $13.5 million, for deferred debt on the received bank facilities, and the total amount of cash debts is about $100 million. 

He added that the municipality has a non-cash debts of about $126.5 million to the contractors and different organs in addition to the cash debts.  

The chief of Isfahan council added: about $36.5 million is the amount of debts with deadlines recorded on financial statements; we owe $69.5 million to Shahr Bank whose due date has passed, so the municipality has introduced its properties to be confiscated; the process is waiting for Isfahan governor's approval.     

Moein continued: the municipality's debts for the city metro bonds is close to $90 million, also a debt of about $29.5 million is for interest in part payment for which the government had been responsible for, and has not paid it yet.    

"Regarding our general faith in the municipality, we need to pay to be later settled by the government", Moein reminded.  

He elaborated: our proceeds accounts to about $7 billion in 2017 whose share of 6 months is threefold more than the current approved amount.  

He further confirmed: the deputy of planning has presented the earlier said statistics for the salary payment and employees benefits.

 He then complained: imagine an organization with a one-month deadline and a surplus of two third of its employees; please brainstorm to see how to deal with this problem?     

The official said: I am presenting statics of budget subtraction of Isfahan municipality over 5 years, while none of the councilors and mayors in the past did not agree to do the same. Accordingly, several shortcomings raised in the system gradually.   

Fathollah Moein added: the municipality of Isfahan needs special rehabilitation and agility through reaching which, it will encounter difficulties, so an all-out help in required.     

He stated that the salary and wage fee of Isfahan municipality is $400 thousand per day and $131 million per year. 

The council top authority finally expressed that the services granted in exchange for this amount of money are highly appreciated. Cleaning services, civil engineering operations, and cultural works all represent the great efforts of the hardworking staff and sympathetic managers of the municipality, he stated.   

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