Isfahan Mayor's biography in short

Dr. Qodratollah Nowrouzi was elected as Isfahan new mayor with the majority of votes of confidence in the City Council. Yesterday, his official decree was issued by Iranian Interior Ministry.

IMNA News Agency reports: Qodratollah Nowrouzi has a PhD in Law. He is currently a faculty member in the University of Isfahan and head of the department of law at the same university.   

He has always been active in different academic domains including citizenship laws, civil laws, and basic laws.  

Nowrouzi has also submitted number of research-scientific essays on civil rights, citizenship rights, water rights, healthcare rights, official rights, and basic laws.


- B.S. in Law

- M.S. in Private Law

- PhD in General Law

War Experiences:

- Over 30 months of being in war lines of Iran's southern parts, Iran's western borders of Kurdestan Povince, borders of Iran's Eastern Province of Sistan-and-Balouchestan and Lebanon.   

- More than 30 months of active presence in Basij as the supervisor of the base, an officer, and a trainer in the city of Isfahan.  

- Iran-Iraq war veteran of 25% disability

Scientific activities in the following fields:

- Healthcare, sanitation, medical issues

- Water and environment

- Urban affairs, citizenship rights, civil rights

 - Iran's official system, issues regarding governmental and civil organizations

- Councils, municipalities, decentralized organs  

Job experiences:

Ministry of Post and Telegraph and Telephone -- Ministry of Interior  

- Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology

- Dean of offices at University of Isfahan

- Isfahan Governor

- Judicial manager at University of Isfahan

 - Vice-president at Hasht-Behesht institute of higher education in Isfahan   

- Faculty member of University of Isfahan

- Cooperation and consultation with Iran's municipal organs

- Cooperation and consultation with the municipality of capital Tehran

- Cooperation and consultation with the office of urban affairs and technical office of Tehran Governor

- Directorate member of Baharestan Civil Engineering Co.

- Founder and directorate member of several companies naming:

- Some companies dependent to the municipality of Isfahan

- Judicial manager and consultant of Saman-Gostar Co. in Isfahan

- Inspector of some companies and co-operative unions in Isfahan

- Member of founding boards and board of trustees in several academic, cultural, charity, interest-free organs, including:    

- Member of the founding board at Hasht-Behesht institute of higher education

- Member of board of trustees and inspector at Imam Sadeq educational-cultural institute

- Founder and member of the central law council and chairman of the international committee of Iranian lawyers   

- Jury member of Isfahan Chamber of Commerce

- Supervision and cooperation in implementation of some civil engineering projects, projects of gas and telecommunications, producing and improving passageways in Isfahan   

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