Isfahan, bridge of Iran’s interaction with world

The elected mayor of Isfahan said: Isfahan has some feature based on which it is considered as the major bridge to connect Iran to the whole world.

Quoted by the Communication Bureau of Isfahan Municipality: mayor of Isfahan pointed to Isfahan’s urban, historical, cultural features of antiquity and richness at his meeting with the German delegation from Freiburg, the sister-city of Isfahan, IMNA reported.

“We are now glad to select Freiburg as our sister city”, he added.

He then continued: people of different religions are today living together peacefully which clearly indicates the rich culture of Isfahan.  

Nowrouzi, Isfahan mayor, afterwards reminded: environmental issues, public transportation, improving metro, and more importantly tourism growth were among my plans to reach Isfahan mayoralty and now I am seriously trying to put then into action.

I seek to broaden Isfahan, Freiburg ties

Elsewhere at the meeting, the Economy Deputy of Freiburg Municipality declared: we do appreciate mayor of Isfahan’s time.

“This is my first time in the city of Isfahan”, expressed the deputy and remarked: we have come here with a positive attitude towards your city in order to strengthen the existing sisterhood between the two sides.

He confirmed: the close ties are hopefully making dramatic improvements in economic, social, and transportation areas.

Finally at his talk, he invited Isfahan management members to pay Freiburg a visit in near future.

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