Tourist Attraction Be Based on Non-Seasonal Attractions

The head of Creativity and Innovation Center of Isfahan Municipality, Mohammad Ali Izadkhasti, Mohammad Ali Izadkhasti, said: the city of Isfahan must focus of cultural, historical events as well as nature and entertaining experiences to attract non-seasonal tourists.

In an interview with IMNA, Izadkhasti said: “the main goal of the Creativity and Innovation Center of Isfahan Municipality is to present new and innovative ideas to manage the city.”

He added: “the major tourist destinations across the world have entered a competition to attract more tourists. They introduce their priorities and positive point to win the tourism challenge.”

The head of Creativity and Innovation Center of Isfahan Municipality said Isfahan will not achieve its goal unless makes extra effort on this matter continuously. Isfahan Municipality was founded two years ago to observe and monitor major matters in the city and manage them through creative channels.

He said: “tourism is a major sector in the country and Isfahan must focus on cultural, historical event and also on natural and entertaining festival to attract non-seasonal tourists.”

Since springs and summers are the best season for tourists to visit Isfahan, we must provide new opportunities in falls and winters to attract more tourists. 

According to Izadkhasti, profitable plans can be renewed and repeated in coming years to see a continuous tourism attraction.

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