Students’ Commute and Retired Citizens’ Life Be Eased

Fathollah Moein, head of Isfahan city council addressed coming school year and services needed at the fourth public session of the council.

He said: “students’ commute will be eased and more will be done to prepared the city of Isfahan for the coming school year.”

Moein added: “the city council is working with the police closely to reassure the students’ commute is carried smoothly.”

He said: “students should experience stress-free mornings to start a productive day at school. We also make sure that the streets ending to schools are clean.”

He wished a happy school year for students and teachers and said he appreciated the “true future makers” of Iran.

Moein said he was grateful for the services of the retired and veteran citizens of Isfahan. He said: “the retired and veteran citizens contributed to the executive system of the country and made many sacrifices for the system. We have to provide them with appropriate services.”

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