Living butterflies appear in Najvan Butterflies Garden

The organizing manager of Najvan recreation center announced the entrance of live butterflies to the Butterflies Garden in addition to the fixed butterflies.

IMNA quotes from Hassan Shafie on the live radio talk show 'Here, Isfahan': all domestic and foreign visitors will enjoy the natural sources and green space of Najvan park.  

Referring that all efforts have so far been made to keep the old green face of Najvan, Shafie added: Isfahan Municipality and the City Council have fortunately attempted to preserve the green space and old gardens of the city.  

He added: over 300 km Maadi (meaning small streams) exist in the city, some main 50 kms of which pass through Najvan park.

"Water is the basic need of Maadies", he pointed out and explained: therefore establishing water networks stood on the agenda of the urban management and is followed by planting saplings all around the Maadis during the right season.

He then added: all the planted specious and the established sewage systems are supervised by the municipality's Green Space Organization.  

Elsewhere in his talk, Shafie pointed to 'Rouyesh' Garden across the Atashgah Mountain, saying: the garden is mainly aimed at internalizing the culture of planting and preserving trees in the society. "Families can plant a tree for their newborn baby at this garden", he offered.  

He afterwards explained about the health roads in Najvan park to encourage people to take walks and exercise in groups. "The health road is widely received by people and is duplicated by many other cities nationwide", the manager expressed hopefully.  

The official publicized: the second phase of the heath road for veterans and the disabled is under execution at a length of 2 kms in a delightful atmosphere.

Afterwards, he proudly voiced that Isfahan Birds Garden is the biggest most beautiful Birds Garden in the country; therefore, the mentioned potential led to constructing the Birds Breeding center in the region.


"With breeding more than 400 rare specious, this Breeding Center welcomes citizens and tourists all along the year", he declared.  

Hassan Shafie also pointed to the Shells Garden and explained the story as: someone spend years of travelling to oceans and seas to make a collection of shells, corals, and sea animals. He later obtained the municipality's admission to expose the collection to visitors.   

He detailed: the shells museum is situated right next to the butterflies museum keeping more than 3 thousand specious of shells.

The Reptiles garden, and the one-of-a-kind aquarium tunnel are among other tourist attractions in Najvan center catching the eyes of many visitors yearly, he claimed.

In the end, he closed his presentation by drawing attentions to the Women Garden in Najvan center, explaining: there are some celebrations held in the garden weekly which are well received by the public.  

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