Iran top among regional states in microbiology

Mohammad-Mehdi Feizabadi, the head of Iranian Microbiology Association (L), talking to Iran Daily reporter.

Iran ranks first in the production of scientific articles on microbiology in the region, said the head of Iranian Microbiology Association.

Mohammad-Mehdi Feizabadi told Iran Daily that several years ago, Turkey had been approximately on par with Iran in terms of number and diversity of articles in microbiology. Currently, however, Iran is doing better in research work in scientific centers and universities, he noted.

Turkey, due to greater interactions with the West, can make use of advanced facilities and technologies, but we were deprived of facilities due to Western sanctions, he said.

However, Iranian microbiologists managed to overtake other regional countries in scientific sector, he added.

Feizabadi further said contagious diseases and microbial resistance have been on the rise in the world particularly in recent decades.

Currently, worrisome figures have been released about the failure in treating contagious and hospital diseases in some developing nations, he noted.

The rate of microbial resistance to antibiotics has reached an alarming level across the world, he said.

The issue of microbes gained importance in recent years due to their impacts on the spread of contagious and non-contagious diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and mental disorders, he stated.

He continued that hospital infections stand between five and 15 percent in Iran whereas global standard is less than five percent. However, hospital infections are higher in some neighboring nations, he added.

Feizabadi said, “Our people take antibiotics even without the prescription of physicians. Although, there is no need to take antibiotic to treat viral infections, we witness high consumption of antibiotics. This has raised antibiotic resistance nationwide.”

He also said the 18th International Microbiology Congress is underway in Tehran from August 29 to 31.

Microbiology issues and the use of microbial techniques in diagnosis, treatment and control of contagious diseases are being discussed in the ongoing event.

The three-day congress is being attended by 1,500 specialists and microbiologists. Close to 1,200 articles were approved and 180 lectures were presented in the event.

Also, eight lecturers from Italy, the UK, France, South Africa and Spain have taken part in the event, he said.

On the importance of presence of microbiologists in hospitals and medical treatment centers, he said microbiologists can diagnose the diseases and its cause faster.

Based on experience, laboratories that benefit from the services of microbiologists, perform better, he added.

By Sadeq Dehqan & Katayoon Dashti 

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