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The major traditional souvenir of Isfahan is a sticky candy called Gaz. It is made of rosewater, honeydew, pistachio, and almond kernels.

IMNA English Desk _ Traditional Persian Gaz is one of the world’s oldest and most beautiful confections. It may also be one of the world’s most unusual delicacies.

Commonly known as Gaz, this sumptuous nougat originated in Isfahan, a province in Central Iran that was so grand it twice served as the capital of Persia. The name Gaz comes from the Persian Gaz-angebin, meaning “sap of angebin”. Angebin is a kind of wild tamarisk tree that grows in the Zagros Mountains in Isfahan. Gaz is often assumed to be the sap of that tree. Gaz is also called manna, just like the food sent from heaven in the Abrahamic texts.

Celebrations such as Nowruz, the Persian New Year, feature gaz. Because Nowruz falls on the spring equinox, it has always been a beautiful celebration strongly connected to the bounty of native Persian foods like nuts and spices.

This nougat is a perfect confection to highlight the breathtaking diversity of Persian crops and plants because it is often made using delicious pistachios and precious Iranian spices such as saffron and cardamom.

 During the Nowruz holiday, family and friends visit each other’s homes and, typically, the host offers fruits and sweets to their guests.

Served with sherbet or tea, Gaz is a favorite delicacy. Gaz is a much-appreciated gift as it helps to ensure that a household will have ample snacks to serve to all holiday visitors.

This traditional confection has been popular for centuries. Instantly recognizable by its spongy consistency and plush sweetness, Gaz is a heavenly confection to enjoy with tea and friends.

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