Urban projects counted as hardest development projects

Isfahan Governor: the four entrances to the city of Isfahan have been creatively implemented for the first time in the country. Two of the entrances have been completed successfully, while the two others are organized to be executed by the new City Council.

IMNA reporter quoted the Governor of Isfahan, Rasoul Zargarpour, in the inauguration ceremony of Isteqlal overpasses and square: I am thankful to God for my presence at the opening ceremony of this crucial urban project.  

While expressing his grateful thanks to contractors, agents, and municipal authorities, Zargarpour said: when the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani was taking a ride from Isfahan airport towards the historical Imam Square, he briefly pointed out: “this city entrance needs to undergo a new project for it does not deserve the glory of the city of Isfahan”.

Reminding that Isfahan Northern and Southern entrances used to receive much traffic jams, the governor added: I invited the mayor of Isfahan in January 2015 to pay consideration to the entrances on the advent of the Iranian Nowrouz in order to well make the urban beautifications match the dignity of Isfahan’s people.

“Two of the entrances at north-western and eastern of the city, namely Ashkavand interchange and Isteqlal overpasses, are now completed”, he announced.

He then expressed hope that the next city council will manage organizing the two other entrances according to the earlier planning.

The official considered urban projects among the most difficult civil engineering projects because they are tightly involved with the vehicles’ and people’s traffic rather than roads, dams etc. which are constructed without people’s presence.

While mentioning that the project is located at one of the busiest city areas, he confirmed: the process lasted for 23 months, noting that the normal time for such projects is expected about four years, at a budget of $40.5 million, which evidently indicates the doubled efforts of the urban managers.

Further at his speech, the governor named the mayor of Isfahan as a creative, innovative young man who is making endless efforts. He then thanked him officially and hoped success for him in his next round of mayoralty in other cities.

He also reminded that the coming Wednesday will be the day of swearing-in for Isfahan next City Council, adding: we wish them growing success to continue improving the city through their twofold efforts.

As his closing remarks, he stated: the next mayor must be selected out of the national and international nominees to minimize great number of the public concerns.

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