Projects satisfy people’s need: Isfahan Mayor

Referring to releasing the ‘Ashkavand’ project, mayor of Isfahan, Mehdi Jamalinejad, said: we have always attempted to defend people’s rights.

Mehdi Jamalinejad was quoted at the 70th round of the event “Every Week, A Few Openings”: the project of ‘Shohadaye-Ashkavand’ lasted for a year because it aimed to derive satisfaction of the district’s inhabitants, IMNA reported.   

The mayor then informed the public that the project was implemented at an expense of about $166 million.

“Private sectors are for the first time in the country recycling plastic ware”, claimed Jamalinejad and warned: however it is highly recommended that people make less use of plastic ware.

Jamalinejad also publicized the inauguration of the first underground urban wastewater tanks in district 6 of Isfahan within a budget of about $8 million.

Each of these projects is aimed at accomplishing the perspective of ‘Isfahan, a Waste-Free City’, expressed the mayor hopefully.

Elsewhere he named the city metro project among the outstanding projects nearing its full exploitation, and continued: I visited the metro line today and found that people had highly received the project.

“People are not well informed of the first metro line under implementation”, the mayor warned, suggesting: there should be more serious announcement on the matter and it is worthy of noting that the train intervals are organized to minimize the half-an-hour intervals to 10 minutes.  

The metro is carrying passengers at the time being but it is still waiting for a country’s authority to be officially inaugurated.

He further counted some other municipality’s projects such as the Isteqlal interchange and the Healthcare City, and promised their openings in the coming two or three weeks.

“The projects’ inaugurations will prove the fulfilment of the municipality’s promises to people”, Jamalinejad stated firmly.

While promising the implementation of more projects by the new City Council, Isfahan mayor reminded: “municipal works are two-sided in the way that we strongly appreciate the past round of the city council, and do wish prosperity for the coming round.”

While answering a reporter’s question on recycling paper, Jamalinejad answered: the activity is well done by a private sector, so we never compete against qualified private sectors.  

“Some unfinished projects will be opened to the public in the next elected municipality among which are ‘Pardis Honar’, (meaning cultural Garden), Isfahan International Exhibition Site, and Martyr’s Cemetery”, announced the mayor.

As his closing remarks, he pointed to district-based projects of the city and said: such projects are passing their final days of completion, while districts 1 & 12 will soon witness full exploitation of their projects.  

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