Isfahan well witnessing drastic changes over recent 2 years

Isfahan governor: fine changes occurred in the international city of Isfahan over the recent 4 years and particularly in past 2 years, the most considerable ones of which refer to the urban management efforts by the City Council and the Mayor.

Isfahan governor, Rasoul Zargarpour, was reported by IMNA at the 69th event of "Every Week, A Few Openings" for the inauguration of the BRT line 2: the event is held every week, and I was always invited by Mr. Jamalinejd, the mayor; but my heavy workload did not allow me to attend them all.  

He continued: this time, despite all my workload, I decided to join the ceremony for some reasons.  

He detailed his reason as follows: the 4th city council will reach its end in a few days so I feel it worthwhile to warmly be grateful to the city council members of the 4th round who made great efforts in past four years.   

"The Council took measures of urban development based on legal sequences, so did the mayor in 24-hour executive operations", he added.

He further continued: "I, as the governor of Isfahan, consider it necessary to send my grateful thanks to the whole 4th city council, the mayor and his deputy delegation esp. Mr. Amini, the council's chairman, who played an important role in Isfahan development trend."

He pointed to environmental issues as his other reason for attending the inauguration ceremony.  

He then explained that the 11th government's main concern is the environmental matters in the way that the president's first vice president admitted so in the induction ceremony of the Iranian head of the environmental organization.   

Referring to the statistical evaluations of Isfahan air quality, Zargarpour said: in a 4-year period of time from 2013 to the current year 2017, the city of Isfahan has had an increase of 6 times in air quality.    

"So we have been able to, in part, monitor the air conditions over the past four years through a master plan of monitoring the air pollution", the governor concluded.    

He then announced that Isfahan master plan to monitor air pollution was singled out by the Iranian president and the head of Environmental Protection Organization, Masoumeh Ebtekar, as the most comprehensive plan.   

Accordingly he noted that the addition of 800 buses to Isfahan bus fleet over time is considered as a leading factor to cut the air pollution.

Zargarpour declared that the 4th city Council made all the necessary policy-making decisions regarding the metro lines, in order for the next city council members to just deal with executive concerns rather than decision making.   

Establishment of the metro line from Isfahan to the suburban town of Shahin-Shahr was also approved during the previous city council round to lessen the traffic congestion.    

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