We support the idea of smart cities: German representative

TANTRIS GMBH is a German company which is introduced by GUIDO m. Zimmer, the managing director, at the First International Exhibition on New Urban Technologies (ICS 2017) in Isfahan. The company's realm of activities are designing, urban developing, and providing housing.

GUIDO m. Zimmer, the representative of TANTRIS GMBH Co. was interviewed by IMNA News Agency on urban housing.

Isfahan municipality has started developing smart cities over the recent years and this is exactly what you are doing. Were you informed of this matter?  

Not actually, this is my first trip to Iran. We do the construction side, we do support the idea of smart cities, but the construction is not necessarily implemented in smart cities only, we do the same job everywhere.

As you know the municipality of Isfahan is holding this festival for the first time, what result do you expect the festival to bring about?  

I am looking for contact into the Iranian market, because we see that they have a very large potential, and we can facilitate a very fast construction without sacrificing quality. In fact precast concretes in certain regards has a high quality than in-place construction. It has a very strong resistance, and in that regard I see a very large potential in Iranian market.   

Isfahan urban management is warmly welcoming foreign shareholders and investors. We are having a brilliant perspective for Isfahan in 2021, based on which we are transforming Isfahan to a smart city in terms of infrastructures. Regarding your knowledge about Iran, does it have the capacity to fulfil this goal or not?

It is a very noble and respectful goal, paving the way to move in the future.  

To me the time you mentioned is very short i.e. by 2021, if you can manage it well, you will definitely fulfil that.

The important part is taking the first step which is done by your municipality.

Isfahan is the world's 6th top tourist destination, so the municipality is responsible to do something different. Have you ever done anything especial for tourist destination cities?

Our activity actually is independent of being a tourist or non-tourist destination. Our goal is providing housing for as many people as possible. Our main target is social housing. By the year 2030, 2 out 3 people will not have adequate housing, this is insane and we have a fast construction system to tackle such problems.  

Interviewer: Marjan Doras  


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