Technology has a vast future: Pakistani Alvina Fatima

Having done an M.A. in interior design from NCA (National College of Arts) from Lahore, Pakistan, Alvina Fatima is invited to the First International Exhibition on New Urban Technologies (ICS 2017) in Isfahan to present their project about developing roof gardens.

“My project has the main objective of human healthy environment”, Alvina Fatima explained to a visitor in the exhibition and then agreed to a brief interview with IMNA English Service.

Please give us an explanation of your product.

I work in the University of Management and Technology in Pakistan, and in my project you can see the technology of vegetation.

We design roof gardens on which obviously there is a proper drainage system designed. All the construction techniques are also involved.

There are different layers of chemical, water proof, production, drainage etc. above the roof.

You can have roof gardens for your houses and apartments, in the way that the architect first visits your site and gives you the greatest design, then calculates the slope of the roof.

How does your product protect the environment?

It has many benefits like reducing heat gain, cutting pollution and dust from your air, lessening noise pollution, and the most important is relieving stress!

What is your point of view about the ongoing exhibition?

It is a very successful fair. Many countries are participating in it to show their products and projects. It is very good initiated by Isfahan.

How do you evaluate the quality of the festival?

There is a diversity in the booths and products of high quality which all have made it exciting.

What do you hope for the future of the world technology?

There is definitely a vast future for the technology, because you can visit motivated youngsters who are well proving their capabilities by exhibiting their innovative products and inventions.

Interviewer: Marjan Doras

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