Isfahan Parks and Green Spaces Org displays new technologies

New technologies of Isfahan municipality’s Park & Green Spaces Organization were on display at the First International Exhibition on New Urban Technologies (ICS 2017) hosted by Isfahan.

As IMNA reports, Isfahan municipal organization of Parks & Green Spaces was established in 1987 aiming to create and develop variable and sustainable green space of a high quality and quantity.

It started recruiting various experts in specialized fields of agriculture and other related areas in order to optimize the affairs, decisions, and selected plans.     

This organization hosted a display stand to exhibit its latest products in the first international ICS 2017 in Isfahan.

48 species of dehydration-resistant plants on display

Speaking to IMNA reporter, the head of Isfahan municipal organization of Parks & Green Spaces, Ahmad Soleymani-Pour, declared: New Urban Technology Center for Isfahan Municipality has held this exhibition to introduce a collection of its new technologies in three halls and one big open-air area.

Ahmad Soleymani-Pour mentioned the stand going to Isfahan municipal organization of Parks & Green Spaces for exhibiting their most advanced technologies.

Smart meters for meticulous management of water consumption

The authority then referring to other new technologies of the organization, added: we have for the first time installed some smart meters to digitally transfer data towards the central server. The distant pumping will control the process, and finally the data is transferred in G.P.R.S & G.M.S beds digitally. So when the irrigation is over, the process can be controlled from far.     

“The mentioned technology can manage water consumption at every moment in case of water shortage”, he completed his presentation.

Various layers of applying garden roofs at ICS 2017

Soleymani-Pour stressed: green roofs are among our other new projects which could be applied on apartments’ roofs if residents can provide conditions.

Afterwards he continued that a sample of such garden roofs are implemented on Najvan Aquarium roof and was considered as a successful experiment. “The layers of the existing roof garden in this fair are done with great care”, he assured visitors.

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