Smart cities, our main targets: Russian Oleg Noskov

&light is an independent lighting architecture studio from Moscow, Russia which is invited to the First International Exhibition on New Urban Technologies in Isfahan (ICS 2017). Oleg Noskov as the head of lighting design has participated in the event to present their service.

Oleg Noskov, also being the company’s managing partner agreed to a short interview with English Service of IMNA News Agency for ICS 2017.

Please let us know a bit about your company.

Our company, as an independent lighting architecture studio, offers incomparable services that combine lighting design, product design, media facades design, materials consulting and lighting controls.

We, of course, work on the individual urban projects in general.

Would you tell us about your goal to join the ICS?

Yes actually we come from Russia but are working internationally in different regions and countries including Europe, Asia, Latin America etc. And now we are trying to work in a new country, Iran. So I took my first trip to your country.

How come were you invited to this event?

We are invited to present our service and vision along with our capabilities for development of Iranian cities.

Basically our company is working on smart cities and holding consultations with them.

How effective is this fair for your company?

This is the second day of the exhibition and during these two days we have been visited by different people of all ages, ranging from the university students to professional visitors in the field of designing and architecture. Some developers on urban management and particularly the service design, which is the field of our company, have also joined our booth.

Many of the visitors were really impressed with some of our projects.  We had some discussions with them and found them interested in watching some of these works, realized in their city.

How do you find the municipality of Isfahan on holding this exhibition?

I think it is a great good idea, I did not expect this festival to be held at such a high level. The international participants from 12 or more countries, so many visitors, so good advertising of the event in the press all surprised me. It’s a good idea that the municipality of Isfahan is making great efforts to integrate the innovated technologies of different cities.       

How does your company’s technology differ from those of others?

We are different because of our vision, because of some aspects that we are trying to use in all of our projects. It is one of the easiest ones to create in a unique concept for each of the projects we are involved in, and could be developed for the whole city.


Showing the picture to the interviewer, he said: the time we started this project, this was an ugly park, unsafe and there was a lot of crime in there, people were even afraid to go there. But now, after we applied our lighting project, actually you can see how many people are sitting there, it is a nice, unique, interesting destination for them. It could be applied for the whole city as well.

So do you apply your projects in the areas which are not highly welcomed by people?

Yes, we first carry out all the research, we observe all the details such as the current situation of the city, the history, and then we do something which is based on the sustainability or energy efficiency, which is based on the strategies of municipalities. So we take a lot of aspects into consideration before we start the designing.

Have you had the chance to visit Isfahan historical bridges and the lighting?

Yes, it is done very well, the vision of the bridges during the nights is very impressive. I have been there for a number of times, at day time, at night time, because I’m staying in a hotel nearby. I think I have doubts that I could do it better.

In whole, how is Isfahan like?

This is my first time in here. It is a really beautiful place, and I can see lots of improvements in the whole city, and that’s actually why we are here.

I found out that if you visit Isfahan, you have visited half the world, and this is very obvious.  

Interviewer: Marjan Doras

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