Holding ICS in Isfahan, religious duty

Deputy Head of International Relations for the Office of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Qomi, stated at the ICS opening ceremony: holding the exhibition of new urban technologies is stepping forward to fulfil our religious duty.

As IMNA quotes from Qomi presenting a speech at the opening ceremony of ICS 2017, ways are paved to use countries’ experiences so as to resolve urban problems. Urban inhabitants therefore should themselves find technologies matching each problem.   

Those enjoying further equipment are more expected to eliminate such problems, he emphasized and went on: Municipalities are such organs to shoulder this responsibility.

Qomi then explained: despite the fact that foreign countries evaluate Iran with bias as saying that Iran after the revolution would bring about neglecting science and human technologies, women’s presence in the society, and driving away minority religions; but the Islamic Iran excels at many of these technologies.

Afterwards he added: the mentioned policies are typically followed by western countries to drive Islamic countries away from the updated technologies to make them dependent, but Iran is one of the few countries which have something to say about nuclear energy.

The official emphasized that Isfahan owes its greatness to its comprehensiveness, in that it holds art, political insight, and moving in the same way with the Supreme Leader all simultaneously.  

He declared: the mass media including cinema, television, and radio existed in the 19th century while satellite and internet were not. But Frankfurt School believed that we had Culture Industry meaning that Culturalization was happening. So Iran’s Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution ratified that each project of science and technology should be associated with culture.

He proudly announced the first supreme religious leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini, as the major motivator for the progress of science and technology. “I remember we complained about the shortcomings over the time of Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988), and Imam led us to develop universities because he believed that the war would finish someday”, Qomi shared with the listeners.   

The deputy head finally informed the audience of the Supreme Leader’s visit to an exhibition of technology and innovation which was held not long ago. The majority of booth owners amazingly admitted that they were first inspired by the leader’s speech to create technologies.

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