Deployment of S & T secures society against incidents

Head of Iran’s Crisis Management Organization, Ismael Najjar, stressed in a speech at ICS opening ceremony: deploying science and technology (S & T) will secure the society against unexpected accidents.

Quoted by IMNA, Ismael Najjar admitted at the opening ceremony of the First International Exhibition of New Urban Technologies (ICS 2017): half of this exhibition goes to crisis management since Iran is a country full of incidents.

He added: from the very past years, we have been witnessing bitter incidents. Despite having all technologies, we need to stand prepared against them because incidents typically occur unannounced.

Ismael Najjar, referring to crisis management as a science, said: if our available equipment is not updated with everyday needs of the society and if the crisis management is not well coordinated, then we will absolutely not be able to monitor the incidents.

We need to know that our major task in crisis management is preventive anticipation which will take terrible events away from us in case we apply our science, thought and wisdom, Najjar clarified.

He then brought up the natural disasters in China as leaving plenty of damages in the distant past, while they result in no serious harms at the present time.

He further warned that what would happen if an earthquake measuring 5 on the Richter scale rocked Tehran? Are we prepared enough to handle it? Clearly, it is not predictable that how many will survive due to the lack of management, tools, and technology.

“We are expected to think wisely and deeply to make the best use of the accessible equipment and technology”, emphasized the head of Iran’s Crisis Management Organization. He continued: if we cannot utilize the available equipment, we have actually just stored them uselessly.

Other countries’ experiences can also lead us well towards the right path, Ismael Najjar mentioned while considering it very important to recognize necessities of the crisis time to efficiently use the facilities.

He also reminded that all brains must come for help in order to change plans into schedules and inscriptions for better work and effort.

“Municipality of Isfahan has always been pioneering in this route, and we hope this trend will continue forever”, he brought his talk to an end.

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