Evolution cycle of changing science to wealth visible

Chairman of the First Festival on New Urban Technologies 2017 (ICS) stated: with its 32 thousand Ph.D. students Isfahan holds the second scientific ranking of the country and has a great capacity to boost science and technology.

IMNA reports from the opening ceremony of ICS 2017 quoting the chairman of the festival as he was warmly welcoming all the attendees at the meeting: Isfahan with its rich civilization is prepared to welcome you with open arms to spread science and technology, he made the opening sentences wishing the audience to get more familiar with the historical city of Isfahan.

Nilforoushan, as the ICS chairman, expressed his thanks to all who have, through the past and current rounds, attended the festival including Isfahan mayor, deputy delegation, sports federation, municipal waste organization, and all the assistants. “The present exhibition as ICS 2017, is considered the biggest one compared to all those held in the growing period of Isfahan international exhibitions, he added.    

He introduced the scientific dimension of the exhibition i.e. seminars among the criteria of the exhibition’s efficiency, continuing: 63 seminars and meetings are scheduled to be held over the 3-day period of the festival in the fields of urban development and new technologies.   

Nilforoushan further acknowledged that following the evolution cycle of changing science into wealth, ranging from the birth of idea to growth and then exploitation, are all visible at this exhibition. Many different companies have played roles in the event including newly-established companies, startups to growth centers, Science and Technology Parks, national wealth-making companies, and occasionally exporting companies. They are all working together with isolated purposes.

The chairman assured that the exhibition does not intend to make direct purchases form foreign companies attending the festival. It is, however, going to localize economy by help of the knowledge-based companies and implement the technologies originated from such foreign companies.

He finally made his special thanks to Office of the Supreme Leader of Iran, Presidential organization, president’s Science and Technology Deputy, Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution, Friday liturgist of Isfahan, Isfahan University of Technology, the University of Isfahan, Azad Islamic University of Isfahan, Science and Technology Parks, International Exhibition Center of Isfahan Province, city council members of the 4th and 5th rounds, and all urban managers of the city.  

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