ICS, a symbol of transforming science into wealth

The Chairman of Isfahan Municipal New Technology Center symbolizes the Festival on New Urban Technologies as a means of transforming knowledge and science into wealth and income.

Mohamamad-Reza Nilforoushan, the chairman of the festival, stated while being interviewed by IMNA reporter: many of the world's developed countries have succeeded replacing traditional technologies with new ones.  

Traditional technologies have caused many of our urban activities encounter problems, Nilforoushan pointed out, continuing: Isfahan municipality, therefore, has taken urban issues into consideration after the establishment of New Technology Center.      

The official then announced that Isfahan's New Technology Center has been placed on the world's metropolises' official charts which indicates Isfahan's great achievements in those countries.    

Referring to the opening of the ICS, the official reminded that some "Belief" exhibitions were first held in which domestic products were displayed for urban managers. The exhibitions were all well received fortunately, he added.

Afterwards he continued: then the International Exhibition on New Urban Technologies was scheduled to run from August 4th to 6th, 2017 in the permanent site of Isfahan international exhibitions located at Shahrestan Bridge.   

Emphasizing that Isfahan as a pioneering metropolis on new urban technologies can take great actions in this regard, the official said: regarding the fact that Isfahan is the country's second scientific city, the first Science and Technology town was built in Isfahan, 25 valid universities exist in the province, and a big young population live in the city of Isfahan, we can anticipate considerable happenings in the areas of science and technology and follow the Islamic Republic's Leader as proving to transform science into wealth.   

The ongoing exhibition is also aimed at specifying the role and significance of creativity and innovation in resolving the difficulties of urban management and familiarizing the citizens and researchers with new technologies' achievements, the chairman added.

This city official confirmed that all the area of 4500 m2 of the exhibition is filled with technology booths. Hall No. 1 is allocated to 22 foreign countries in 33 booths, 73 % of which are European countries who can bring great evolutions for the country. The mentioned hall is called "Technology Transfer".    

Speaking of the second hall, he informed that this hall goes to the majority of national Science and Research Towns as well as Science and Technology Parks. Named as "Bavar", meaning belief, the hall is expected to exhibit the new accomplishments of young population of the country, he mentioned as assuring: because the festival has an interactive approach, it can be the venue for urban managers to discuss ideas and problems to come up with important conclusions.     

Mohamamad-Reza Nilforoushan then presented details on the hall No.3 of the exhibition: it is titled as "Iran, Marze Por Gohar", which means Iran, the rich territory, will be the display area for some biggest Iranian institutes such as "Jahad Daneshgahi" as an Iranian academic center for education, culture and research, and "Defence Industry". Other different organs with an innovative accomplishment are also going to exhibit their accomplishments in hall No. 3.  

Hall No. 4 is named "The young, honors of Iran", which is divided into three sections, he explained, and added: marathon of internet games is to be run under the support of University of Isfahan. 18 teams will make urban-management-based games over 3 days. Another section held by Isfahan Jahad Daneshgahi institute will host 120 young people to watch startups for 54 hours to nourish what they have in minds and form them into ideas, then ideas will transform to proposals, then products will be the outcome. The third section goes to startups which supplies the most important achievements of the country. 17 to 20 startups will be presented at this section.    

The chairman of the festival stressed that the exhibition area is equipped with registry for the first time in the country, in a way that as you enter the exhibition, a mobile application is installed on visitors' cellphones to help them visit booths of their interests.   

3-minute films produced by booth owners are available on the website of Isfahan Municipal New Technology Center to introduce achievements, he informed citizens.  

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