Isfahan, the ecosystem-friendly city: Mayor

Mayor of Isfahan stated: there will be no particular problems for irrigating and preserving the green space in the future of Isfahan.

As IMNA quoted from the mayor on the sidelines of the exploitation ceremony of urban environmental projects, Isfahan as a child-friendly city should be the venue for welcoming proceedings in a way that it will be known as an ecosystem-friendly city as well.  

Pointing to the serious actions performed in the realms of reducing air pollution, saving water, and preserving green space, the mayor announced: two projects of sewage refineries in Isfahan’s town of Sepahan-Shahr and the wastewater transmission line in the refinery of Isfahan’s town of Shahin-Shahr were both exploited.

Establishing the refinery in southern Isfahan and also making the use of wastewater in northern Isfahan will partially overcome the problems of irrigation which will ease the irrigation and green space preservation in the whole.   

Holding the 66th program of “Every Week, A Few Openings”, Jamalinejad stressed that six valuable, infrastructural environmental projects were inaugurated, and some 250 billion tomans (about $67.5 million) was expended on the environmental projects recently.

The mayor further emphasized: the municipality of Isfahan has for the first time in the country invested in fulfilling the “wastewater collection network” in exchange for the wastewater transfer to the Water and Sewage Organization.

To perform this project, lecturers of Isfahan University of Technology and the Department of Environment have favored a lot, Jamalinejad added.

Elsewhere in his speech, the mayor informed people of purchasing new technical machinery for the city in the fields of environment, air pollution, and noise pollution which are all planned to be utilized in near future.

Afterwards, he assured that the municipal delegations are attempting to expand the volume of green space to lessen the use of water.

Citizens should be provided with pleasant and joyful atmosphere through soft, economical methods and new technologies, Mehdi Jamalinejad expressed hopefully.   

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