Water, not among disposable goods

Faculty Member of Isfahan University of Technology, Safavi, expressed: “regarding the amount of water consumption and the water conditions in the country, we are experiencing high critical conditions”. He made the speech at a meeting to exploit environmental projects.

The faculty member, Safavi, is quoted by IMNA reporter: due to the environmental tensions created by metropolises, the problem of sustainable development was introduced worldwide since 3 decades ago.

Sustainable development serves the current generation’s purpose without creating any problems for future generation, he added.

Safavi mentioned the major components of sustainable development as following: efficient use of resources, and social, fair, environmental developments. Thereafter, he mentioned that the government is not the only organ responsible for fulfilling the sustainable development, but private sectors and civil society organizations need to pursue the issue as well.  

Referring that the indicators used in the past were traditional, he declared that today hybrid indicators are utilized for the environment and social affairs.  

He also warned citizens of the amount of water consumption as being 86% of the combined total resources which totally indicates a supercritical condition.

“People are required to change their lifestyles”, “they need to know there is no water available anymore”, Safavi alarmed. He then added that national and international managers should also schedule to solve the problem.

“We have taken our share of responsibility to monitor the correct water consumption”, stressed Safavi from the side of Isfahan University of Technology as an educational organ.  

Grass areas are necessary to be removed because they waste a lot of water while the irrigation, the faculty member added.

Further at his presentation, Safavi explained that water should not be considered among disposable goods that can be used over and over again. Then he evaluated the existing conditions and notified: There is no other way out except refining wastewater.

Following the idea of purifying the wastewater, he informed people that a wastewater refinery in Sepahan-Shahr town will be inaugurated by efforts of Isfahan municipality. This, he continued, is only the beginning stage, and hopefully the supplementary system to transform wastewater into drinking water is in the operation in other countries worldwide.

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