Metro line through historical Chahar-Bagh Ave. meets standards: Mayor

Mayor of Isfahan confirmed: crossing metro railways through Chahar-Bagh Ave. meets all the basic, necessary standards, recent reports of University of Science and Industry proved.

IMNA reports: Mehdi Jamalinejad, the mayor, expressed: “although one of the main concerns of the Cultural Heritage Organization was passing the city metro through Isfahan's historical Chahar-Bagh Ave. and passing the second line from beneath historical Imam Square, we successfully could resolve this problem”, he made the remarks a couple of hours ago at vibration testing of phase 3 of the first metro line.

Jamalinejad informed citizens that frequent meetings with Isfahan and Tehran Cultural Heritage Organization, counseling with the governors, urban managers, and the City Council members eventually led into removing the obstacles to change the railway route. 

Referring to the point that this line has been under experimental rides for over a month, the mayor announced that inspectors of the Cultural Heritage Organization are going to carry out ultimate experiments to conclude official results before the line is available for citizens.

He then declared that the evaluations have so far come up with satisfactory conclusions and the new line can be safely inaugurated.

Finally at his speech, the mayor announced that Azadi metro station will be at use by one or two months later.

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