Isfahan witnessing dramatic transformation

Head of Isfahan City Council Reza Amini announced: We should judge the status of the city before the existence of city councils.

In accordance to IMNA reporter, Reza Amini while speaking at the 64th program of “Every Week, A Few Openings” declared: today, the managers’ wish has come true and we are witnessing the removal of mediators regarding the urbanization services. The program was celebrating the inauguration of the first phase of the comprehensive, smart, consolidated urbanization system and the municipality’s income.  


Reza Amini emphasized the significance of the city councils, expressing: The mediator under the title of “Councils” caused the urban planners to offer more precise decisions for cities.   

The official added: engaging the councils in the urban planning proceeds to some challenges. Due to the instability in the country’s roots, the most problematic part is the urban income, and meeting citizens’ needs.

Municipalities’ rights in tax overlooked

Pointing to the city problems esp. the environmental issues, Amini reminded that the problem of environmental pollutants has long been the major urban concern which is hoped to be crossed out by the synergy between organs and the government’s collaboration.

“Municipalities’ rights in tax affairs are overlooked and this has clipped their wings to some great extent”, Amini explained.

Only 110 buses of the total 500 delivered to municipality

The head of Isfahan City Council referred to some bus fleet problems, and said: despite all the problems and shortage of money, 110 buses out of the total of 500, were delivered to the municipality of Isfahan.

“The rest of the buses are scheduled to be delivered by next three months”, he clarified and continued: “the buses will work for 8 years. Utilizing this new fleet will greatly impress the quality of public transportation.”

“Also the taxi fleet has renewed 1400 taxis. Special projects are at the arrival for bicycle lanes”, he added.

Municipality grants services nonstop

Further in his speech, Reza Amini pointed to the infrastructural projects of civil engineering in the city, continuing with proud: in spite of all financial deficiencies, the municipality has never halted granting services to the people. Obvious examples of the services go as: the international exhibition, opening Ashkavand interchange, 25-Aban Bridge, single-platform gas stations, collaborating with private sectors, constructing cultural parks in southern, eastern and central parts of the city etc.

He finally mentioned that Iran holds just 1% of the world’s population; on the other hand, it has 5% of the world’s resources so the country should not expect poverty. Accordingly, if there exist any problems, they are resulted by unbalanced distribution of services, processes, as well as wrong policy making on behalf of the managers’ interests.  

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