1st Exhibition on New Urban Technology in a 4000 sq m area

Karbaschi, the president of the 1st International Exhibition & Festival on New Urban Technology announced: the exhibition is scheduled to be inaugurated in an area of 4000 meters.

Plans on holding the festival have been approved since a year and a half ago, Karbaschi said yesterday in the press conference on the New Urban Technology Exhibition.  

Reminding that the festival will be held from August 4th lasting for 3 days, he explained: this exhibition and festival is a combination of various subjects including environmental technologies, information technology, communications, smart city, traffic, training, culture of citizenship, and cultural-recreational activities.  

Karbaschi also listed the invitees as follows: municipal officials, city council members, members of engineering organizations, knowledge-based companies, health & sport representatives.

The festival president further pointed to the recent concerns about water pollutants in Isfahan as well as other metropolises, and offered revising some methodologies as the only solution for having a clean, calm and happy city. He then considered it essential to bring up new technologies and tools on which the festival is going to be held.

He noted that the festival is aimed at presenting technologies and achievements of knowledge-based and information companies across the country in order for municipalities to deploy them.

Referring to the field of crisis management, Karbaschi declared: although crisis management is a field which has always been nationally worked on, new technologies on the area will be again on display during the festival.

“The first section of the festival is planned to be held in an indoor area of 4000 square meters”, Karbaschi explained.

He then expressed: “unfortunately we were unable to give booths to all applicants due to space restrictions, so we selected the most important accomplishments to be displayed in the roofed area.”

An open-air area by Zayande-Roud River is also predicted to hold the event, he added. “Military industry is also going to present its technological achievements such as firefighting equipment in this outdoor area which are all followed by some technological recreation”, continued the festival’s president.  

The president of the International Exhibition & Festival on New Urban Technology announced that 20 scientific and expert seminars will be led on the sidelines of the event. He also informed people that the lectures line-up is available on the festival’s website. The registration is free, but the admission will be based on a selection process, he clarified.

Elsewhere in his speech, Karbaschi expressed satisfaction over presenting some domestic achievements through the festival with the attendance of some country officials.

He then announced that there also exists the possibility of visiting the urban achievements of Isfahan municipality to be precisely informed of the city projects.

The festival has no sponsors, Karbaschi mentioned, confirming: all the expense will be earned through the event.  

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