Children’s creativity blossoms in Isfahan/ 2000 different games

The title of “child-friendly city” should have been granted to Isfahan much earlier, mayor of Isfahan stated in accordance with the UNESCO president’s remarks.

IMNA quoted from Mehdi Jamalinejad on the sidelines of opening the professional Children’s Creativity Center: projects are of different kinds nowadays. Although they have been run at an expense of 1 billion tomans (about $260 thousand), they are considered as an appropriate step towards children’s and youth’s development.      

He pointed out: after hosting the International Film Festival for Children & Youth as a precious event, we deeply needed some hardware in the field, so the Creativity House and Mind Games Restaurants were opened for children.  

“The Creativity House and Mind Games Restaurant is presented for the first time in the province of Isfahan and the whole country”, the mayor announced and continued: considered as the only professional play center in the city, it provides the children with over 300 different plays.

Jamalinejad declared: this is the first time that a center presents 2000 kind of games all at the same place.

The mayor also added: regarding the suitable location of Children’s Center alongside Zayande-Roud River, there was a great need to investigate the center in order to be equipped and rebuilt.

“Amphitheater, professional children’s library, training hall, gardens with designed green space, children’s technical workshops were all established in the mentioned center”, Jamalinejad explained as speaking to IMNA reporter.

He later confirmed: the professional creativity center for children is the only government-supported play center across the province and the country. The center is also considered as the first place to design and hold professional instructing courses for children’s plays and the first center with scientific and practical use, he explained.

Jamalinejad then pointed to some training classes of the center as following: training and activating creativity through physics tricks classes, dominos machines, little chef, little researcher, teenage inventor etc.

He also added that the mind games restaurants which are aimed at nourishing mind ingenuity while amusing people are designed with the capacity of 100 people and will suit all ages from 1 to 99.

“Consultation desks are also offered at the center to discover children’s capabilities by skilled professors in the country”, mayor of Isfahan noted and expressed: such centers will keep children away from cyberspace since very early ages and create a happy atmosphere for their physical grow.

Further in his speech, Jamalinejad pointed out: when the UNICEF president travelled to Isfahan along with Iran’s Interior ministry officials and were all surprised by Isfahan’s active proceedings in the field of children and youth, the president confessed that Isfahan should have much earlier been called as a child-friendly city.  

He then informed citizens that the municipality has done all the mentioned proceedings in collaboration with benevolent people, continuing: social issues and problems do exist in every society, therefore, all organs and charities need to take basic steps to minimize the social harms in order to support children in all.  

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