A street in Tehran to be named after late scientist

Head of Tehran City’s ‘Planning and Study Center’ Babak Negahdari says he had suggested Tehran Municipality to name one of the streets of Tehran or a place there after Maryam Mirzakhani.

Naming a place or one of the streets of the capital city after late Iranian scientist can help the young generation remember the winner of the Fields Medal which is known as the Nobel Prize of mathematics, he added.

The official said naming one of the streets after Maryam Mirzakhani can promote national confidence and encourage spirit of research among the Iranian youth.

Mirzakhani, the first Iranian and also the first woman who won the Fields Medal which is known as the Nobel Prize of mathematics, was a 40-year-old professor of the Stanford University when she succumbed to cancer in a US hospital on Saturday.

In 1994, Mirzakhani won a gold medal in the Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad, to be the first female Iranian student to have received a gold medal in mathematics. In the 1995 Toronto International Mathematical Olympiad, she became the first Iranian student to receive a perfect score and win two gold medals.

The late Mirzakhani obtained her BSc in mathematics (1999) from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran. She went to the US and got a PhD from Harvard University in 2004.

Born on May 3, 1977, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, a year before she set the record of the first ever woman to win the prestigious Fields Medal.

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