15 countries to join Int’l Festival on New Urban Technology in Isfahan

The Manager of New Technology Center for Isfahan Municipality announced: the International Festival on New Urban Technology is aimed at localizing and transferring the knowledge of new technologies and also training domestic potentials on urban fields. 15 countries are sending scientists on urban fields to the festival in Isfahan.

In an interview with IMNA reporter, Mohammdreza Nilforoushan as the manager declared: “the International Festival on New Urban Technology will be held in Isfahan from 4th to 6th of August 2017. 15 countries are attending the event.”  

Nilforoushan mentioned the subjects to be discussed through the festival as: information technology, traffic and transportation, environmental activities, and issues regarding welfare of citizenship.

He added: the festival will be attended by international universities and technology parks, knowledge-based companies, as well as other foreign companies all in order to exhibit new technologies on urban management.

Referring that the festival is to be held in several sections, Nilforoushan named them as following: 1. in-door exhibition in Isfahan International Permanent Fairground at Shahrestan Bridge, 2. out-door exhibition to display those technologies in need of open air, and 3. meeting halls for mayors, city councils, and technicians to lecture on their technologies.

The manager also mentioned the scientific seminars as another section of the festival which will be participated by various professors to discuss and exchange technological information.

“Provincial and national officials will attend the festival’s opening and closing ceremonies while paying visits to some urban projects during the festival”, explained Nilforoushan.  

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