Street naming system based on GIS runs

The president of Street Naming Council for the city of Isfahan: after two years of studying and analyzing, Street Naming System was finally prepared based on GIS and is now undergoing testing stages.

IMNA reports from Hadi Nabat Nejad, the Public Relations Manager for Isfahan Municipality, quoting: “Nowadays, geographic information systems using maps are efficient to be used in different sections of municipalities that lead to better management and granting more desirable services to the active citizens. So Isfahan Naming Council consisting of City Council members, real and legal characters, and municipality representatives tried to utilize updated technology and GIS in order to name the city streets and neighborhoods in terms of this software. Designing the software is recently finished and will soon pass final stages.”

He mentioned some advantages of running this system such as: displaying maps of passages, managing passages and their naming, avoiding repetitive names, and finding the exact spots on the map.  

Explaining that such a system is functioned to run the naming process more efficiently, Nabati Nejad confirmed: by using the system, citizens can propound their requirements without going to different districts in person.

He further added that establishment of the mentioned system will pave the ways to find directions easily, finding additional information about passages, and using them.

Nabati Nejad emphasized: a list of names and titles of Iranian well-known figures including artists, sophisticates, outstanding people etc. are defined in this system in order to name the passages after them.

“Isfahan has always been nationally known as the city of science, culture, literature, selflessness, martyrdom, and epic”, reminded the official and continued: “they all lead to name the city streets and paths based on them”. “The city of Isfahan has worked as an example for all metropolises nationwide to name the streets after famous people in order to keep them alive in memories”, he said.

Nabati Nejad then expresses hope to witness the same way of naming in next generations as well.  

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