Ahmad Zaeri : Loving children is loving yourself

“Augest” directed by Ahmad Zaeri was first screened in Fajr Film Festival in Iran. Abdol-Rahim Alhalabi starred in the film while the director says: Abdol-Rahim was unexperienced in acting but I trained him to achieve what I wanted.

Ahmad Zaeri, the director of “Augest” has been invited to the 30th international film festival for children and youth. The actor, Abdol-Rahim Alhalabi, is also a known singer throughout the Arab world.

They joined IMNA reporter on an interview regarding the festival.

Could you tell us what your film is about?

 It is a three-episode film by three different directors at various atmospheres. The first episode, named Judgement, is About Iraq’s occupation by the Americans and a snooper’s judgment about an Iraqi person. The second episode is named Sa’d (meaning fortune) in which Abdol-Rahim Alhalabi was the protagonist. And finally the third episode filmed Daesh’s attack to Izadi and story of a girl who lives with her mother.  So the three films have three different concepts which are all on anti-war subjects.

What are your films basically about?

I make all my films for children. I once even started shooting a film for adults, but I quit the job since it was not my cup of tea. Actors and actresses were not more than 25 years old but I couldn’t communicate with them well.  

Do you think such films affect the world peace?

Our film aims to transfer love to the entire world. People need to love each other, not hurting one another and try to stand at each other’s back. That was the most crucial message we intended to leave viewers.

How did the 30th ICFF in Iran affect you?

It taught me many lessons so I am planning to follow filmmaking more professional and comprehensive than ever.

Is there anything you wish to add?

I just want to tell everyone who reading my interview that 11000 kids were sacrificed in the war in Syria which is quite a disappointing statistics. It means 11000 vacant chairs in schools, 11000 university degrees not issued, 11000 marriage certificate not signed and it is a full generation. So if we love children, we love ourselves.

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