Festivals carry important messages

Anna Karin Holtz, the animation instructor from Sweden has joined the 30th international film festival for children and youth to lead some stop-motion classes.

IMNA English Desk managed an interview with her on the subject of the festival as follows:

Tell us a bit about Iranian kids?

They are very different than Swedish children,

 One of the things is that when Swedish children get bored with the class, they get impatient, but here the kids are so nice, they really motivate instructors to work more. They are very respectful, grateful, and so lovely, I have never met so nice children.  

As an animation instructor, how do you compare Iranian animations with the ones beyond Iran’s borders?

Unfortunately my friend Hanna and I tried to watch an animated-movie yesterday but the cinema was full! Sounds like it is so popular for Iranians to see short animations.  

What is the whole festival intended to achieve from your viewpoint?  

Movies communicate so much, all of the countries make movies, and it is very good that countries are interested in other countries, they gather together through international festivals. That was what is expected to achieve through festivals.

How animated films are going to build children’s future?

All the films are carrying really important messages and open their minds with sound, music, visual, and talk.

So all the films are communicating with the viewers which is really important in paving the way for next generations.

How do you find the city of Isfahan in whole?

Oh I love it! Yesterday was my birthday, I normally have plans to celebrate my birthday. This year, however, I was here for my birthday and I am never going to forget it because I was here for my birthday.  

The people are really polite. It’s very different from what I imagined before.  I did not expect this much comfort and care

I have been to Dubai and a lot of countries for children festivals. Normally they do not take care of foreign guests all the time, but here different services are managed for us such as walking tours, bus tours, etc.  

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